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Refillable Plastic Wrap Cutter Dispenser

Refillable Plastic Wrap Cutter Dispenser

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Refillable Plastic Wrap Cutter Dispenser
11.500 Ft

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Tired of struggling with tangled plastic wrap?

Simplify your kitchen tasks with our Plastic Wrap Cutter Dispenser! This innovative Slide Cutter provides perfect dispensing and cutting without using the hazardous hacksaw blade!

Say goodbye to messy, tangled plastic wrap rolls, aluminum foil, and baking paper. This handy tool is designed to make wrapping and preserving food easier and more efficient.


EFFORTLESS CUTTING: The built-in stainless steel blade ensures clean, precise cuts every time, eliminating the frustration of torn or uneven plastic wrap.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Our dispenser is designed to accommodate most standard plastic wrap rolls and is refillable, allowing you to use it to cut plastic wrap, aluminum foil, baking paper, etc.

SAFETY FIRST: The concealed blade design ensures safety during use, keeping your fingers protected from sharp edges.

NON-SLIP MAGNETIC BASE: The dispenser features a non-slip magnetic base for stability during use, preventing slips and accidents. It is also easy to attach to the fridge and other metal surfaces for more convenient use.

COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING: Its slim profile and compact design make it easy to store in your kitchen drawer or on the countertop.


Material: ABS

Size: 30.5*6cm

Package Includes: 1 * Refillable Plastic Wrap Cutter Dispenser, or 1 Roll * Plastic Wrap


Please allow slight measurement errors due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.

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